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By Nikki Ekstein
We’ve heard countless horror stories about the process of getting an Indian visa (lost passports! slow service!), so imagine the relief when we heard that the country will soon be rolling out Visa on Arrival service for citizens of 40 countries—th...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Travel + Leisure Staff
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By Marie Brenner
The draw of Hyderabad is its astonishing backstory, which can make you feel at times as if you are in India’s Oz. How else to explain the peculiar magic of this city deep in south-central India? Part Brigadoon and part Epcot, it pulls you almost i...
By Jennifer Flowers
Uruguay Head south of the equator to Punta del Este and join the jet set at Las Piedras Fasano (doubles from $850), which has 20 sleek bungalows designed by São Paulo–based Isay Weinfeld. The restaurant serves Italian dishes like osso buco and du...
By Shane Mitchell

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The museum was the home of the sixth nizam, who ruled from 1869 to 1911.