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By Lane Nieset / MIMI
Before arriving in Budapest for the first time, I had spent the previous two weeks backpacking through Eastern Europe. Friends raved which thermal baths were the best in the city, but since Budapest holds the title of "Bathing City" sitting over 1...
By Erika Owen
Budapest is a magical place filled with historic architecture, an abundance of open-air markets, and the occasional swim-up chess tournament. A recent video from Vimeo user Tools-of-Dad shared a first-person view of Hungary's capital, from the sce...
By Melissa Locker
Deep in the basement of a Budapest apartment building lies one of the city’s best kept—albeit noisiest—secrets: the Flipper Muzeum, Hungary’s only museum dedicated to pinball. Opened in April 2014 by pinball enthusiast Balazs Palfi, the museum ...
By Jacqueline Gifford
With a focus on extended stays in port and in-depth shore excursions, river cruising has become one of the most popular ways to travel. And for the first time, the industry is going after multi-generational travel—with little ones. Adventures b...
By Colleen Clark

All you need is love—these swoon-worthy hotels take care of the rest.

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The Art’otel Budapest is part of a small, aesthetically minded chain that is considered the pioneer in the artists-designing-hotels trend. Art’otel invited American artist Donald Sultan to incorporate oversized images of needles, thread, and buttons into the hotel’s carpets and wall hangings.

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