Candylicious and The Chocolate Bar


1835 West Alabama St.,
United States,

Willie Wonka has apparently found a new home in Houston at this eye-popping, all-American candy store. Everywhere you look in this chockablock room, there are towering, overflowing displays of the candy you knew as a kid. Giant fishbowls are filled with Red Hots, jelly beans, Pez, Zotz, and Slo Pokes. Lollipop trees sprout from the floor holding Sugar Daddies and rainbow lollies on sticks, and outsize baskets are filled with candy buttons, candy cigarettes, and 5th Avenue candy bars. Oh, and they have M&M's, too—in 21 colors. At the Chocolate Bar next door, all the baked goods, including brownies, cookies, and four-layer cake, are made on the premises, and the ice cream is divine.