Art Car Parade


Allen Parkway,
United States,

What exactly is an art car?It's a fair question, more easily answered by showing rather than telling, and that's not the only reason the Art Car Parade, which takes place every year on the second Saturday in May, is a must-see. Sponsored by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art, it features some 250 participants cruising down Allen Parkway in creations best described as folk art on four wheels. Beyond the mere floats of other parades, art cars are like crawling canvases and sculptures, each one shamefully begging for attention and the applause of the thousands of spectators. Costumed rollerbladers and art bicyclists add a sideshow of their own. If, after the last of the many car crazies has passed, you still haven't seen enough—or if you're not lucky enough to be in town during the show—head over to the Art Car Museum, a.k.a. the Garage Mahal (140 Heights Boulevard; (713)861-5526; www.artcarmuseum.com).