Hong Kong

Repulse Bay Beach


Repulse Bay Beach,
Hong Kong,


What to Expect: The frantic intensity of Hong Kong’s downtown business areas contrasts sharply with this peaceful stretch of pale golden sand on the south side of Hong Kong Island. Sheltered by a cove and surrounded by upscale apartments with imaginative architecture, its positive feng shui does not go unnoticed by locals. On weekends the soft-sand beach can get crowded with young professionals as well as families who come to enjoy the “protection” provided by the 1,300-foot-tall mountains behind and the “abundance” signified by the South China Sea, and of course, the spectacular views.


What to Do: Don’t miss the brightly colored Tin Hau Temple, with its red Bridge of Longevity and 15-foot-tall statues of Tin Hau, the Queen of Heaven and Protectress of Seafarers, and Kwun Yum, Goddess of Mercy. You’ll find them just past the east side of the beach. Or join joggers and dog walkers on a beautiful stroll along the paved Seaview Promenade, which follows the coastline nearly a mile to a narrower beach at Deep Water Bay. When you’ve had enough sun, visit the upscale colonial-style shopping arcade, The Repulse Bay. There, sip tea, sit under slow-moving wooden fans at the Pacific Coffee Company, Asia’s answer to Starbucks, and imagine this beach scene 80 years ago.