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Tang Tang Tang Tang

66 Johnston Rd., Wanchai, | +852 2525 2112, Hong Kong
Tang Tang Tang Tang Store in Hong Kong
Courtesy of Tang Tang Tang Tang
Type of shop
Home and design
Great design, Eclectic, Trendy

"Tang tang tang tang" is the unmistakable series of opening notes to Beethoven's Symphony No. 5. It has since been adapted into the Cantonese vocabulary as an interjection for expressing grandeur—the inspiration behind the naming of this furniture emporium. "Grand" is definitely the operative word here: The store has been designed to evoke the ornate interiors of a McMansion, and no rooms are left out of the equation. Gold and yellow tones dominate the color scheme of the space, save for the odd silver photo frame or marble mantle. The highlight comes in a series of cube rice cookers designed and produced in-house. Retailed at around $100 each, it is by far the most economical buy in the store.

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