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By Rachel B. Levin
By Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
Video: Go Behind the Scenes at T+L’s Photo Shoot Last month I was politely asked to leave the French Laundry restaurant, in Napa Valley. Apparently I’m a “health hazard.” Me! I’ve seen humans there with more hair than I have, yet we canines get t...
By Travel + Leisure Staff
By Michael Gross
The house on Doheny Road in Beverly Hills is barely visible from the street. But beyond the high wooden gates and the even higher, immaculately manicured hedge, you can catch a glimpse of pink walls topped by a Spanish-tiled roof. Somewhere in the...

Restaurants in Hollywood

This jewel of a restaurant in the The Redbury Hotel takes its inspiration from Cleopatra, both in cuisine (the Queen of Egypt would no doubt have loved the Middle Eastern fare) and decor (a photo of silent film actress Theda Bara as Cleopatra greets you upon entry).

Things to do in Hollywood

The Hotel Cafe is an anomaly along the Cahuenga Corridor cocktailing mecca: it’s a place where softly strummed guitars trump earsplitting dance beats and drinks are sipped, not pounded.