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Joe Schmelzer

Travelers come from all over the world to experience Hawaii’s luscious landscape and incredible hikes, and to refresh themselves under one of the state... Read More

Thanks to all our modern conveniences — GPS, Google Maps, self-driving cars, automatic pilot — traveling around the world has become easier than ever... Read More

On Tuesday, United Airlines celebrated its 70th year of flying to Hawaii by announcing increased service on 11 routes. When this expansion goes into... Read More

When couples head to Hawaii on their honeymoon, they often book lavish excursions — say, surf lessons, hikes to cascading waterfalls, or even a... Read More

Here’s a hot vacation deal for you. Literally.If you feel like you’ve been playing it too cool and comfortable all your life with your stable ground... Read More

This story originally appeared on Before he left the White House, Barack Obama said he planned on taking his wife away on a “very nice... Read More

You won't find too many U.S. destinations more beautiful than Hawaii, which is known for its lush mountains, active volcanoes, and relaxing beaches. But... Read More

TripAdvisor has announced the world's best landmarks to help you decide which famed cultural and historical sights to... Read More

As Southwest solidifies its standing as one of the most-beloved airlines in the country, it is also considering expanding its reach even farther.In a... Read More

If you’ve always wanted to circumnavigate the globe, now’s your chance. Today, the Airfare Spot announced a new Around the World airfare sale for only ... Read More

The best vacations are made with hidden gems.In the Waipio Valley in Hawaii, deep along a jungle path known as the White Road Hike tourists traverse to... Read More

While some people out there may never hit the beach without their trusty reusable water bottles, there are others who trust their hydration needs to the... Read More

It’s a new day, which means a new airline is apologizing for something.On Thursday, it was Delta’s turn to say sorry after removing a family from... Read More

There isn't much champion surfer Kai Lenny hasn't done in the water.In addition to big-wave surfing, the 24-year-old is a... Read More

Travel is a very popular item on people's bucket lists, according to a new study by AARP.AARP found that millennials were most likely to have a bucket... Read More

National Park Service authorities have fined 13 French tourists for going beyond the safety boundary surrounding the active volcano Kilauea in Hawaii... Read More

A video captured the phenomenon of blue lava tumbling out of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii on Wednesday.The effect, sometimes referred to as... Read More

Thanks to airlines that offer free stopovers, you can explore two cities for the price of one.Instead of having customers wait for connecting flights at... Read More

Unlike a table at a chic Manhattan restaurant, a sunrise rarely requires reservations.But with overcrowding and a risk of accidents becoming an... Read More

When you're traveling with family, not any destination will do.While a quiet seaside resort could be the perfect getaway for two, it could prove too... Read More

Hawaii may be the 50th state, but with all that water separating it from the mainland—2,479 miles of it, to be exact—travelers can’t be blamed for... Read More

If visiting the world's largest volcano sounds dangerous, think again: not all volcanoes erupt with abandon and leave towns covered in molten... Read More

The “Winter White House,” where President Obama and family stayed from 2008 to 2011, is available for anybody to book—for $3,500 per night.The luxury... Read More

On New Year's Eve, a popular viewpoint in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park tumbled into the ocean. The section of the 26-acre lava delta was called the... Read More

You don’t need to be a “Lord of the Rings” fan to harbor an obsession with the idea of seeing an erupting volcano and molten lava in real time. That’s... Read More

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