Hanoi Travel Guide

Travelers wondering what to do in Hanoi will be hard-pressed to run out of options. The city is a cultural hub, bursting with theaters showing everything from traditional Vietnamese performances to more modern shows, numerous world-class museums, and a lively nightlife.

History lovers searching for things to do in Hanoi should start with a guided tour of the city’s Old Quarter. Foodies wondering what to do in Hanoi should also start there, as the district is brimming with restaurants serving up delicious, traditional Vietnamese fare as well as establishments that cook up modern takes on classic Vietnamese dishes.

Finally, no visit to the city is complete without at least one trip to its many sprawling markets. They sell everything – and we do mean everything – one could possibly want to purchase, including pets, produce, fabric, spices, school supplies and pirated DVDs. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Hanoi includes an afternoon spent good-naturedly haggling with local vendors for a diverse collection of goods to take back home for friends and family.

Chef and cookbook author Tracey Lister and partner Linh Dinh Phung helm the Hanoi Cooking Centre, near the city’s Old Quarter.

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