Hotels in Hanoi

Hotels in Hanoi are typically very reasonably priced. The city is studded with budget guesthouses and hostels where beds can easily be rented for less than $20 a night. Travelers looking for extremely cheap Hanoi hotels should check out the Kangaroo Hotel (where nightly rates start at $4 a night), the Hanoi Youth Hotel (where private rooms range from $15-$20 a night) and the Phoenix Hanoi Hotel (rooms start at $11 a night).

In addition to these bare bones, affordable options, there is a wide selection of five-star hotels in Hanoi. Rooms at even the most upscale establishments, if booked far enough in advance, are very reasonably priced. For example rates at the Sofitel Plaza Hanoi, considered to be one of the best hotels in Hanoi complete with a full service spa, heated pool and health club, start at just over $100 a night and rooms at the nearby five-star Hanoi Daewoo Hotel can be booked for less than $100 a night.

Business hotel with a neo-Baroque façade in a prime downtown location adjacent to the Hanoi Opera House, just steps from the central business district.

The city's grande dame. All 364 rooms include modern amenities, but those in the original wing have a traditional feel.