Calypso St. Barth
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Calypso St. Barth

3 Rue de la Republique, Le Carre D'Or, Gustavia, 97133 | +590 590 276 974
Calypso St. Barth Store in St. Barts
Courtesy of Comité du Tourisme de Saint-Barthélemy
Type of shop
Women's clothing and accessories

The island’s best-known shop was founded by Christiane Celle in 1992, and has since gone on to become an international brand synonymous with gypset fashion. Celle has since sold the brand name and moved on to her bookstore and gallery, Clic, but Calypso remains as stylish as ever. The tiny, jewel-box store with lavender shutters is set off the main street in a courtyard packed with cute shops. Merchandise includes their own brand of printed and beaded tunics, linen caftans, and beautiful white flower cut-out shorts, as well as trendy pieces from other designers—AG jeans, Florabella straw hats, and Antik Batik sandals.

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