Guangzhou + Southeast China

Restaurants in Guangzhou + Southeast China

Guangzhou is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, the branch of Chinese cuisine that is most familiar to those outside China, and the city is home to dozens of Guangzhou restaurants serving famous Cantonese dishes like roast duck, winter melon soup and sweet and sour pork. There are also many restaurants in Guangzhou that serve international fare to cater to the thousands of foreigners who visit the city each year. Here are a few whose menus are sure to impress:

One of the finest spots for authentic Cantonese cuisine is Guangzhou Restaurant, which is known for its deep-fried duck palm, three colored lobster, and moon cakes, all served in a beautiful garden-style setting. Head chef Liang Duan has trained many other chefs who later went on to become famous in other parts of the world, spreading the legacy of Cantonese food. For those looking for classic Cantonese dim sum, which is similar to à la carte fare, be sure to drop by the Guangzhou restaurant Taotao Ju, one of the city’s oldest eateries and a purveyor of some of the best dim sum in the region.

And for those looking for international meals, Guangzhou offers everything from Indian (Ashoka) to Thai (Cow and Bridge) to French (Chez Max) and Italian (Osteria Il Matto), but of particular note is the African restaurant, Best-Way, which specializes in Nigerian food and highlights the cuisine of Guangzhou’s fast-growing African population.

A 400-year-old institution on the same pedestrian thoroughfare, where the specialty is a rich braised ham with honey glaze.

As many as 2,000 people a day pack the eight dining halls of Songhelou Restaurant.