Guangzhou + Southeast China

Hotels in Guangzhou + Southeast China

For decades, Guangzhou has been a major destination for business people and tourists alike and as one of China’s most wealthy and populous cities, it offers a variety of accommodations for every kind of visitor. Tourists will find that plenty of well-known hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, Sofitel and Four Seasons have outposts in this massive city and that all these high-end hotels in Guangzhou offer five-star amenities and staffs that are more than happy to guide tourists through the bustling city. There are also many hotels in Guangzhou that offer more intimate, off-the-beaten-path settings like the Guangdong Victory Hotel, located on the tranquil Shamian Island, and the Dragon Lake Princess Hotel, which sits outside the heart of Guangzhou and offers lush surroundings and comfortable, classically-decorated rooms. And finally, if you’re traveling on a tight budget and need a Guangzhou hotel that fits your wallet, consider staying at local hostels like the Plum Flowers House or the Lazy Gaga hostel, a Guangzhou hotel located just south of Zhongshan 6th Road, the city’s main drag.

Set along the dramatic limestone peaks of Guilin within a contemporary sculpture park, the recently revamped, 46-room hotel resembles a grass-covered pyramid.