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By Emma Sloley

For a fresh island perspective and fewer crowds escape to these off-the-grid Caribbean accommodations.

Get The Facts. TOM When we stepped onto the tarmac at the Pôle Caraïbes airport on Guadeloupe, I realized I had forgotten what a shock it is to get on a plane in freezing weather, nose stuffed, eyes cast downward at gray pavement, and emerge int...
By Kenny Wooton
A BAREBOAT CHARTER IS ESSENTIALLY A YACHT RENTAL. Typically, you leave from a base, take the boat wherever you want, and return it to the base or to another port on an agreed-upon date, usually a week or 10 days later. Companies ask prospective c...

Hotels in Guadeloupe

What’s It’s Like: The top choice on Terre-de-Haut is the intimate hotel has guest rooms filled with antiques (they're for sale) and one of the isle's best restaurants (the grilled fish with vanilla sauce is a standout).