Greece Travel Guide

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Despite the economic turmoil it has faced since the 2007 global recession, Greece remains a top-tier travel destination. With spectacular beaches and majestic scenery, the relics of four millennia of ancient culture and some of Europe’s best party spots, those who travel to Greece are certain to experience a once in a lifetime vacation.

Consult Travel + Leisure’s Greece travel guide for the best of this European playground.

Things Not to Miss in Greece

• Athens – many ancient structures still stand in the capital city – the Acropolis and the Parthenon just two of the must-see UNESCO relics.
 • Metéora Monasteries – one of the world’s most stunning ecclesiastical sites.
 • Hiking the home of the ancient Gods, Mount Olympus
 • The islands – from the parties of Mykonos to the stunning sunsets of Santorini, hopping around the Greek Islands is something every traveler should experience at least once.
 • Delphi – Greece’s most sacred sites where the oracle once answered the questions in the temple of Apollo

When to Go to Greece

The autumn and spring are the best time to visit Greece when neither the temperature nor the crowds are too overwhelming. However, those looking to party on the islands should consider a July or August vacation – the most popular time of year to visit and also the most fun. Some of the tourist attractions go on hiatus during the winter months, so traveling between November and March isn’t advised for culture seekers.

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