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Chrissy Teigen and John Legend has been all over the map the last few months, making stops in Lake Como, Italy — where they visited a few... Read More

A routine flight from the United Kingdom to Greece turned into a 33-hour ordeal involving four planes — including one that caught on fire — ... Read More

Proposals for a Trans-Siberian railroad that would connect the two cities have been in the works for nearly a year, but Russian President Vladimir Putin... Read More

When it comes to living like royalty, only the best will do. And for most of us (unless you’re Meghan Markle) the closest we’ll ever get to living like... Read More

If you’re dreaming of exceptional comfort, this is the place to be.The Royal Suite at London’s Savoy hotel claims that its new, four-poster bed is... Read More

This story originally appeared on What’s in a name? Well, for Prince George, quite a bit, actually!The little royal started school on... Read More

This story originally appeared on Prince George put on a brave face Thursday as he headed off for the first day of a new school year... Read More

Known for hilltop castles, abundant rainfall, and rolling green valleys speckled with flocks of sheep, Scotland far exceeds its classic clichés.... Read More

Most little kids dream of having a puppy or a kitten to call their own, but not Lyndsay Simpson. The precocious 5-year-old from Petersfield, England,... Read More

While on vacation with her family in Cornwall, 7-year-old Matilda Jones discovered a four-foot sword in Dozmary Pool, which is, coincidentally, the... Read More

It’s official: Prince William and Kate Middleton are expecting baby number three.Over the weekend, Kensington Palace sent out an official announcement... Read More

This story originally appeared on Princess Kate found a subtle way to honor Princess Diana during a visit to her late mother-in-law’s... Read More

No parent wants their child to feel like the odd kid out at school.The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will do their best to ensure that Prince... Read More

This story originally appeared on A "billionaire's ice cream" with extra bling has gone on sale at London's Selfridge's department... Read More

This story originally appeared on When Prince George heads out to class for the first time in early September, he will get some of the best... Read More

It’s been 20 years since Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash, but her legacy of giving to and inspiring others may be stronger than ever.As the... Read More

Do you ever get that weird feeling that you’re being watched?Apparently, commuters on the London Tube get that feeling a lot — and with good reason... Read More

A family is currently in search of a live-in nanny to take care of their four children — while getting to spend time in locations that include London,... Read More

Prince fans can now get an up close look at the iconic singer’s life at an official exhibition of the artist that will open this fall.The new... Read More

It’s the end of August, which for most of us means end of summer backyard bashes and back to school shopping. If you’re a member of the British royal... Read More

Prince Harry is a busy guy. As a member of the royal family his schedule is jampacked with meetings, charitable events and more, so we wouldn’t hold it... Read More

No day at the beach is complete without a picnic. And now beachgoers in England don’t even need to bring their own food.Deliveroo, a British food... Read More

Even though the royal wedding between Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge was six years ago, we still all want a piece of it. Now, thanks to a... Read More

Tourism to the U.K. has soared in 2017, thanks in part to the falling value of the pound compared to the euro and the dollar.The country saw a 20... Read More

In the outermost regions of the British Isles, St. Kilda has bore witness to the migration of humans and birds for at least the past 2,000... Read More

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