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New moms are often faced with the difficult job of finding a safe and comfortable space to breastfeed their baby or use a breast pump while traveling... Read More

Airbnb is a treasure trove of unusual places to sleep. There’s a Wes Anderson-themed treehouse in Ontario, the world’s smallest house in Boston, and... Read More

Buckingham Palace is more than 300 years old, so it’s no surprise really that it contains more than a few historical treasures.During an ongoing... Read More

Staff at London's Heathrow Airport were surprised to discover a rare lizard scurrying around the baggage area last week.The 12-inch-long monitor... Read More

England’s Lake District may not remain a hidden gem for long.Located in the northwest region of England, the Lake District could become more popular... Read More

Kate Middleton is speaking out about a cause very close to her heart.The royal mom visited Roe Green Junior School in London on Tuesday, where she met... Read More

This article originally appeared on Meghan Markle officially becomes a royal in May, but the perks of the job are already pouring... Read More

If you love the British royal family and tweeting all day long, we have a job posting you need to check out.In a new listing posted to LinkedIn, the... Read More

A woman nicknamed the “serial stowaway” was caught in London earlier this month after sneaking onto a British Airways flight from Chicago. It marks at... Read More

The Royal family (and the world) has yet another reason to celebrate.Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, famously known as “Fergie” to the press, has... Read More

Accio vacation!Imagine if you could basically attend Hogwarts while floating on a luxurious boat that you and your friends have all to yourself. An... Read More

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle greeted the crowds outside Cardiff Castle in Wales on Thursday, they were met with hundreds of phones attempting to... Read More

Meghan Markle has already mastered the art of the royal curtsy — now she’s on the receiving end of one!During her official outing in Wales on Thursday... Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be from two different sides of the pond, but they share at least one common value: They’re both feminists.Meghan... Read More

Six decades ago, Lady Anne Glenconner was a 19-year-old young British woman working for her mother's ceramics business before being selected as one of... Read More

Hello hungry people everywhere, especially those of you who can’t get enough of the delicious fast food staple that is the chicken nugget. Would you... Read More

Meghan Markle got a taste of the sometimes unreliable train service in England on Thursday as she made her way to the town of Cardiff with her... Read More

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is used to living in the public eye. As a leading member of the British royal family, she’s a frequent subject... Read More

Kate Middleton may be just three months away from her April due date, but she’s still giving her non-maternity wardrobe a workout.For a visit to Bond... Read More

There’s no thrill quite like traveling to a new city, but the stress of planning and the pressure to see it all can get in the way of fully enjoying... Read More

It’s not just the stuff of urban legend: Trying to suppress a sneeze by clamping your nose and closing your mouth can rupture the back of your throat,... Read More

What’s it like to live in a city with a 2,000-year-old fairy-tale castle at its center? Meghan Markle will find out this Thursday when she visits... Read More

Royal mom to the rescue!When Kate Middleton, who is expecting her third child in April, came across a young boy who looked sick during a royal outing in... Read More

The most valuable precious stones from the Crown Jewels were hidden in a cookie tin and buried at Windsor Castle to keep them from being stolen by the... Read More

For the first time since her coronation in June 1953, Queen Elizabeth II is sharing rare details of the event in a new documentary airing on... Read More

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