Grand Cul de Sac
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Grand Cul de Sac

, St. Bart's
Grand Cul de Sac Beach in St. Barts
Getty Images

Technically St. Bart’s longest beach—though due to some rocky parts, you can’t walk from one end to the other—Grand Cul de Sac is protected by a reef, which makes this an ideal place for little children to play. (In fact, you can wade far out into the water and still have your feet touch the sand.) If the winds are just right, you can also go kiteboarding—many locals come here to do so. Several casual restaurants, including O’Corail and La Gloriette, line the shore, as do three luxury hotels: Le Guanahani, Le Sereno, and Le Barthélemy Hotel & Spa. There are no lifeguards on site.

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