Grand Cayman

Things to do in Grand Cayman

When you’re looking for things to do in Grand Cayman, look no further than the water. Grand Cayman’s beaches are pristine and picturesque – if occasionally overrun by a very glamorous tourist population – and each one merits its own visit. Seven Mile Beach is the island’s most popular destination, stretching for 5 ½ miles north of George Town and dotted with luxurious resorts. For travelers in the know, Governor’s Beach is a welcome respite from the tourist traffic on Seven Mile beach, hidden between resorts and shaded in places by palm trees.
Nature lovers should head over to Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, where the orchids bloom between May and June and the Blue Iguana Recovery Program rescues the endangered creatures year-round. Like the Botanic Park, the pirate caves in Bodden Bay make a great getaway for families. Children can explore the caves where pirates are said to have hidden their treasures, then retreat to a miniature zoo and stingray petting pool. Landlubbers will also find no shortage of things to do in Grand Cayman, from shopping in glitzy malls to taking in historical sights, like Pedro St. James, a waterfront Caribbean great house that dates back to 1780 and is known as the Cayman “birthplace of democracy.” A handful of museums and galleries, including the Cayman National Museum and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, feature a number of exhibits detailing the island’s culture and history, as well as the works of local artists.

Shore dives around Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto.

See thousands of turtles on Boatswain’s Beach.

Though it’s actually a little less than six miles long, this powdery crescent on Grand Cayman’s western coast has plenty of room to spread out a blanket for a sunset picnic.

More-experienced divers shouldn’t miss Trinity Caves, where the canyons start at 50 feet deep.

The North Wall is a favorite dive spot, with spectacular coral, marine life, and visibility.

In Stingray City, divers and snorkelers can feed the giant creatures.

The Sunset House has diving at its doorstep, and runs shore and boat excursions to all parts of the island.

Guided tours with this outfit depart from many of the major hotels along Seven Mile Beach and Rum Point.