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By Andrea Bennett
By Anya von Bremzen
It was in Libertad 8, a smoky neighborhood bar in Madrid, that the urge to visit Andalusia—the seductive southernmost region of Spain—stole upon me like an insistent tropical wind. My friend and I fell into conversation with two men and a girl, ac...
By Gigi Guerra
With its shimmering glazed-tile walkways, elaborate honeycomb-domed ceilings, and soaring arabesqued archways, it’s easy to see why the Alhambra—that breathtaking monument to Moorish architecture, a onetime sultan’s palace in Granada, Spain—has en...
This Spanish city of miradores, Arab palaces, and snowcapped mountains now has historic inns to match its storybook setting. Hesperia Granada (Plaza Gamboa; 34/958-018-400;; doubles from $65), next to the 14th-century Corr...
By Michael Z. Wise
One of Europe's largest mosques is rising over Rotterdam, and many residents are none too pleased. Its ornamented façade and arched windows appear transplanted from afar, and in fact the design was inspired by mosques in Cairo and Dubai. At a rece...
By Andrea Bennett
Lower-priced hotels have long been the realm of Muzak-filled lobbies outfitted with worse-for-wear furniture and industrial carpeting. But the genre has entered a new era. A wine bar?A sleek lounge area?Free Wi-Fi?Walk into the recently opened Hya...

Restaurants in Granada

In Granada, stop for tea at this Moroccan teahouse in the ancient Moorish neighborhood of Albaicín.

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“The ponds here are gorgeous against the citadel.”