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Those traveling throughout Germany via rail could miss their train—even if they arrive at the station right on time.In the never-ending German search... Read More

In less time than it takes to to get through airport security, travelers can now fly internationally.An Austrian airline made history on... Read More

Bodily fluids are eroding the walls of the world’s tallest church tower.The Ulmer Münster, a cathedral in southern Germany, is known for having the... Read More

An exploding toilet at a German hotel sent four guests to the hospital on Sunday night.The cause of the fire in the Nuremberg hotel is still... Read More

Have you seen this pig?A stolen mini pig in Hesse, Germany made national headlines and citizens across the country are joining in on the hunt.Rudi the... Read More

Two newborn Golden-Bellied Capuchin monkeys made their debut at the Münster Zoo in Germany, the largest breeding group for the species in Europe. ... Read More

The world’s first CO2-emission-free train powered through hydrogen was unveiled this week in Germany.The Coradia iLint, created by French company Alstom... Read More

This story originally appeared on Here’s a bit of bad news for beer lovers traveling to Munich for the annual epic Oktoberfest celebration:... Read More

One Saturday last spring, seven strangers and I plopped down on leather couches in the great room of Masseria della Zingara, a beautifully restored 18th... Read More

One of the world’s most beloved fall traditions, Oktoberfest, begins in Munich on September 16.  Luckily you don’t have to travel to Bavaria... Read More

Theme parks might be good for a thrill, but today’s best kid-oriented trips pair entertainment with enrichment and bring schoolwork to life while... Read More

These two countries are at the forefront of skin care and medi-spa technology, blending homeopathy with traditional science.After learning that fern... Read More

Clad in lederhosen and felt hats, a group of intrepid competitors lined up for the quadrennial “Ochsenrennen,” or oxen race, in Bavaria, in southern... Read More

While on her ANTI world tour, Rihanna made a stop in Berlin to pose with a giant statue of herself. There was one thing particularly unique about the... Read More

Flight attendants make friends all over the world as they travel for their work, and sometimes those friends have four legs and cold noses.Flight... Read More

Carrying little more than a cellphone, a family heirloom, or a small amount of cash, more than 1 million people have fled their home countries to seek... Read More

Christmas in Germany officially begins at the start of Advent in early December, when seasonal treats like gingerbread and mulled wine pop up on street... Read More

This article originally appeared on were fired Friday at a shopping center in Munich, Germany, leading police to evacuate the location,... Read More

London and Japan have led the way with offering naked dining this summer. Now Berlin is jumping in on the action.The Black Cat is known for its burgers,... Read More

Next time you’re holed up in your London hotel room, too exhausted from sightseeing to choose a restaurant, consider ordering a robot to deliver your... Read More

Paris Museum Pass, $53–$80For whichever price you pick, you get two, four, or six days of unlimited front-of-line access to some 50 museums and tourist... Read More

Whether for prestige, passion, or tax breaks—or all of the above—Germany has more privately owned art museums accessible to the public than any other... Read More

A German professor found himself in some hot water on April 4 after airport security found a human skull in his luggage. The human remains were... Read More

The German train operator Regiobahn announced it will offer cars designated for “women and children only,” the New York Times reported this week. Two... Read More

There’s no denying that Berlin is a city of contradictions: the capital is dotted with reminders of Germany’s history (fragments of the Berlin Wall ... Read More

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