Restaurants in Frankfurt

Despite what stereotypes of German culture might imply, restaurants in Frankfurt specialize in more than sausage-based cuisine. Between the city’s financial prowess and the elite business class constantly cycling through the city, there are several world-renowned restaurants in Frankfurt ready to cater to the city’s stream of visitors. The most acclaimed of these are the Main Tower Restaurant & Bar, which stands 660 feet over Frankfurt and offers a spectacular view of the city along with the Restaurant Villa Rothschild and Villa Marton, which both specialize in innovative cuisine and have been awarded Michelin stars for culinary excellence. There are also a number of restaurants specializing in international cuisines such as Japanese eatery Matsuri and Ariston, a much-beloved Greek restaurant. And for travelers who simply want to have good food at an affordable price, Frankfurt’s restaurants do not disappoint. The Adolf Wagner, Café Laumer, and El Pacifico restaurants are all rated well in the culinary world and offer great food at a price that won’t leave travelers with empty wallets.

The walls of this trattoria are lined with vintage photographs of Italian families; the wooden tables are packed with fans of the paper-thin pizzas and the "Abbondanza!" vibe.