Restaurants in France

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What La Terrazza restaurant in the legendary Hotel Danieli is to Venice, Quai 17 is to Sète. Set in the canalside Grand Hotel, the restaurant... Read More

The new French foodie revolution is the organic wine movement, and restaurant owner Gilles Bénard is one of its great champions. At Quedubon, his... Read More

The concise wine list here is a paean to France’s vin naturel gurus, such as the Jura region’s anti-sulfur crusader Pierre Overnoy and... Read More

In addition to his mens- and womenswear collections, Black Label, RRL Jeans, Ralph Lauren Home collection, and a jewel-box-like boutique for watches,... Read More

This Alsatian brasserie in the 17th arrondissement has been around since 1925 and continues to specialize in seafood, particularly shellfish. ... Read More

No reservations, and no choice. That's the glory of this steak institution, where all the waitress asks is how you like your steak prepared. A generous... Read More

A traditional, yet innovative bistro in the Marais, Le Repaire is renowned for its wine selection and game specialties. The wood-paneled dining rooms,... Read More

Formerly a simple working-class restaurant, Astier is newly elevated thanks to new ownership and a chef who earned his stripes at Le Meurice. Three... Read More

Known for his more highbrow eateries La Tour d'Argent and Hotel de Crillon, Chef Dominique Bouchet embraces simpler and less pricey fare in his self... Read More

Formerly the restaurant of the Hôtel d'Orsay, this Belle Èpoque dining room is much the same as it was when it first opened in 1900.... Read More

Rino is the brainchild of Chef Giovanni Passerini, who honed his craft under the renowned Swedish chef Peter Nilsson at La Gazzetta. With seating for 20... Read More

Follow the advice of Julia Child and visit iconic patisserie Rollet Pradier. The stone building, with its large front windows filled with enticements,... Read More

Located in one of the city’s largest and most beautiful parks, this kid-friendly café takes a relaxed approach to dining. The Basque-style menu features... Read More

Located within the gloriously Romantic park, the Buttes-Chaumont, opened in 1867 by Napoleon III, this relaxed café is a kid and gay-friendly option,... Read More

The British-Parisian husband-wife team of Rose Carrarini and Jean-Charles has shocked Paris with their crisp, creamy quiches and tarts.  Head to... Read More

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