Restaurants in Fjaerland

When it comes to restaurants in Fjaerland, travelers will find that choices are limited and that many of the best options are in the area's hotels. At the Hotel Mundal, the Café Mikkel has been in operation since its opening in 1891, and serves two- and three-course meals throughout the day. If you come for dinner, an aperitif and a recounting of the history of the hotel is included in the price. The Fjaerland Fjordstove hotel serves meals that make the most of the bounty of the area: local berries, wild mushrooms, cider (both hard and not), an abundance of seafood (lobsters, crab, halibut, and monkfish) and reindeer. It's all served, weather permitting, on a deck overlooking the fjord. Other Fjaerland restaurants are at its tourist attractions, such as the Norwegian Glacier Museum's café. The sunlit space has floor to ceiling windows with views of the nearby peaks. Some of the stores in Norwegian Booktown, like Kaffistova, also serve light homemade lunches.