Hotels in Fjaerland

Hotels in Fjaerland are limited in number, but rich in the rustic charm that is one of the region's appeals. Many travelers who visit Fjaerland choose to stay at the area's most historic hotel, the Hotel Mundal, which opened in the late 1800s. The décor is old-school Norwegian, with handcrafted details being meticulously refurbished and restored and leather chairs in the lobby where guest pass rainy days playing cards. The hotel, which is only open in the summer, offers excursions throughout the surrounding countryside. Fjaerland's hotels, however, are not solely limited to the village's limits. The 29-room Balestrand hotel is a short ferry-ride away and half of its rooms have views of the fjord. The staff can assist visitors with coordinating transportation to Fjaerland, including to other hotels in Fjaerland if you want to head somewhere else for a meal. There are also several self-operated cottages and camp grounds in operation near Fjaerland's main attractions. The best hotels in Fjaerland can be found with this guide.