Tips and Articles for Fiji

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There are many high-paying, travel filled careers in the world that most of us could only dream of landing—photographer for the National Park ... Read More

From India to Indiana, yogis around the world are preparing to celebrate the first ever International Yoga Day on Sunday, June 21st—the summer solstice.... Read More

Coming hot on the heels of news that Carnival is launching a new cruising category that emphasizes meaningful travel through social... Read More

Owning your own island may be out of the question, but don’t get too upset. There’s a floating ocean pavilion off the shores of Fiji with your name on... Read More

Suppose you were to build your own resort—on a remote Fijian island, say—and money were no object. Common sense not a factor, either. Maybe you don’t... Read More

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Want to go out on a limb for your next vacation—literally?Once the sole province of young boys and Ewoks, treehouses now offer adventurous travelers ... Read More

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Airline vacation packages have always been great values that are easy to book. Lately, though, airlines have realized that many travelers don't want to... Read More

The choice is yours: all kinds of islands are available, from a deserted dot to one where a luxurious resort holds a clutch of like-minded souls. Most... Read More

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When seclusion is paramount, choose one of these new far-flung hideaways. • The most recent addition to Grace Leo-Andrieu's stylish oeuvre is L... Read More

Even on a detailed chart of Oceania, Fiji is way out there. Athwart the 180th meridian, the 322 islands belonging to this archipelago were once bisected... Read More

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