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  • The Unconventional Beauty of Ethiopia's Omo River Valley

    “Up at first baboon,” the safari guide said brightly at dinner, though it’s not clear why he felt the need. When it comes to waking the dead, baboons... Read More

  • Your Last Chance

    When Afghanistan's Taliban announced plans in February to destroy all of the country's statues—including two gigantic fifth-century Buddha figures— the... Read More

  • Lalibela, Ethiopia

    The city of Lalibela, high in the mountains of northern Ethiopia, has sat frozen in time for 800 years. Its 11 spectacular churches, carved out of the... Read More

  • Ethiopia, Coming Home

    The lanky, rifle-toting man who blocked our path wore olive fatigues and a matching Chairman Mao cap. It was as if he hadn’t gotten word that the Dergue... Read More

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