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By-the-glass programs have shrunken at too many restaurants, and that’s a pity. And half-bottles, a size that by now seems like an antique curiosity (at... Read More

Thanksgiving might be a U.S. holiday, but just as most things tend to travel across the pond, its celebrations have, too, with more and more London... Read More

New York, Boston, and Philadelphia all had their fair share of distilleries as far back as the Colonial era. The rise of prohibition, however, meant the... Read More

One of the U.K.’s most celebrated restaurants, the Fat Duck, has finally returned to its home setting of Bray, Berkshire, after a nearly year-long... Read More

From small towns across America to major cities like Portland and Washington D.C., bakeries are having a seriously sweet renaissance. Across the pond,... Read More

Almost none of the 150 items on display in "Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age" have ever left Russia, and many had to be declassified before they could... Read More

"Mademoiselle Privé is an invitation to understanding what creativity means to Chanel," explains Bruno Pavlovsky, Chanel's president of fashion, in... Read More

A quick trip into the capital turned into an expected trek for two elderly friends in the U.K. Mollie Muetzel and Kathleen Lowndes, both 89, had... Read More

Lambs Conduit Street in BloomsburyAn eclectic mix of intellectual shops line this pedestrian street not far from the British Museum in Bloomsbury. Shop... Read More

The ConceptA grand country hotel with an unbuttoned aesthetic, aimed at stylish weekenders looking to break away from city life (but not disconnect... Read More

The founder of one of London’s loveliest concept stores, Mouki Mou, guides us round London's well-heeled Marylebone neighborhood, sharing her... Read More

It’s as if Hermione Granger’s beloved Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare has sprung up some heartened rebels.Photographs have... Read More

It’s no longer newsworthy to talk about East London as a desirable destination. Packed with talented chefs, well-established clothing and accessories... Read More

Holly Allen Cooper had brought a little bit of New York City river mud to the opening yesterday of the London Design Festival’s independent-designer... Read More

Between checking train schedules and track numbers, commuters at a British train station have become voyeurs into the private confessions of their... Read More

The landscapes made famous by Constable in his paintings of rural East Anglia are more widely associated with arable farming, and beer- or cider-making ... Read More

The Duchess of Northumberland has a strange hobby. In the gardens surrounding her family’s ancestral home at Alnwick Castle in northeast England, she... Read More

“Isn’t this so my kind of thing?” said Monica Khemsurov, rising from a padded leather sofa embedded within a detached steel-and-wood frame. It... Read More

Why is London so unlike any other Western city? From Moscow to Manhattan, the pattern is strikingly similar: tight pre-modern core, rational 19th... Read More

Nature lovers have plenty of places to see the great outdoors light up like a Christmas tree, particularly if they're willing to travel. There’s the... Read More

London’s Ace hotel has enlisted a team of designers to reimagine the hotel essentials. Designers Philippe Malouin, Tomás Alonso, Studio Vit,... Read More

Popular fast-food burger chain Shake Shack has hired top British chef Sat Bains.The catch: It’s just for one day.On Oct. 9, Bains, who has two... Read More

Michellin announced its 2016 star-winning restaurants in the UK on Twitter Wednesday after a bookstore accidentally displayed its Michelin Guide to... Read More

Despite Ai Weiwei's continued travel restrictions (more on that later), his artwork has no problem making its way to people around the world. His most... Read More

Like all Great British stately homes, Cliveden has survived its share of catastrophes: infidelities, fires, lost fortunes, and the reckless schemes of... Read More

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