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By Geoffrey Smith / Fortune
It’s not grabbing the most headlines, for obvious reasons, but the Egyptian economy is looking like one of the biggest casualties of the Metrojet disaster 10 days ago. If it’s confirmed that the disaster was caused by a terrorist bomb (to which...
By John Scarpinato
The British government, on Wednesday, made the decision to freeze all flights to and from Sharm el Sheikh, the resort town in which Saturday’s deadly Russian airliner crash originated. The decision comes as new reports point to an explosion and po...
By Erika Owen
After a month-long delay, three ISS astronauts have returned to Earth after nearly 200 days traveling 84 million miles through space. This crew has been especially active on social media during their travels, specifically 38-year-old Samantha Cris...
By Caroline Hallemann

Spoiler: it’s way more than Giza.

By Amy Schellenbaum
Looking to further capitalize on one of the most well recognized structures on the planet, the Egyptian government has unveiled renderings for a glassy pyramid skyscraper—a less-than-subtle (read: 660-foot-tall) homage to the country’s beloved anc...
By Diane Selkirk

We’ve catalogued cutting-edge and historic libraries, from Australia to Vienna.

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Fresh seafood and panoramic harbor views.

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Tucked behind security and customs, the new pubby Heineken Bar has light and local brews on tap, as well as an international menu if you’re looking for a quick pre-flight pick-me-up.