Ecuador Travel Guide

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Ecuador travel has a lot to offer from the tropical Amazonian rainforest to the snow-peaked Andes. Though the country is small, it is sure to dazzle.

Travelers love the Ecuadorian landscape and the variety it offers. In the Amazon, travelers will find enchanting shamans that still produce traditional rainforest medicines of their ancestors. Visit Ecuador and enjoy all of the culture and history that the country has to offer.

Travel to Ecuador is not complete without a trip to the Andes Mountains. The Andean villages offer unique markets selling everything from textiles to tropical fruits. Travelers not up for scaling a mountain can enjoy plenty of other activities such as mountain biking, hiking, and horseback riding from one village to another. Consult this Ecuador travel guide for some of the can’t miss sights and activities.

Things Not to Miss in Ecuador

• Located in the Andes Mountains, Cotopaxi is a volcano that boasts the second highest summit in the country. This active volcano is quite a sight with its magical snow covered peak.
• The New Cathedral of Cuenca The striking cathedral is hard to miss with its three blue domes. Be sure to peek inside where a jaw-dropping gold altar rests.
• Cajas National Park offers a variety of geographical features such as lakes, lagoons, and forests. Visitors will also find a number of interesting animals like giant hummingbirds, pumas, foxes, and rabbits.

When to Go to Ecuador

No matter what time of year you travel to Ecuador, the country is a great place to visit. The country has two seasons: the rainy season and dry season. However, each region of the country differs in temperature. During the rainy season, the sun tends to come out in the afternoon. So, you can put that umbrella away and enjoy your day. The dry season in the highlands takes place from June through the end of September. The driest times of the year are August and December through March. Each season has its advantages and disadvantages. In the Pacific Coast region, the wet season is from January through May. The dry season, which last from June to December, is usually overcast.

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