Dominica Travel Guide

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Dominica’s nickname is ‘the nature island,” a well-deserved title thanks to its volcanic landscapes, lush rainforests and hot springs. Visit Dominica for its natural beauty, its serene beaches, and its fascinating culture. French, English and Caribbean elements make up the island’s DNA, making Dominica travel a wonderfully diverse experience. Since Dominica does not have a major international airport, it’s necessary to fly to a larger Caribbean location (like Antigua, Barbados or Puerto Rico) and take a connecting flight. From diving the depths of the ocean to hiking atop its mountains, there are plenty of exploring opportunities in Dominica, and the same can be said about the cultural offerings. The island’s architecture, its history, and its pre-Columbian Carib Indian population (the only group left in the Caribbean) are all included in Travel + Leisure’s Dominica travel guide.

Things Not to Miss in Dominica

• Hike at the Boiling Lake in Roseau Valley or Victoria Falls
 • Explore the surreal landscape of the Valley of Desolation
 • Chill out at Batibou Beach
 • Go diving in Champagne Reef
 • Stroll around Roseau and admire eighteenth century Creole architecture

When to Go to Dominica

Dominica’s tropical weather gives the island year-round temperatures around the eighties. Most tourists visit the island between October and December, when humidity is a little lower–and so are hotel rates. Between June and November, heavy rains and hurricanes are to be expected.

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