District 1

Reunification Palace


135 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia St.,
Ho Chi Minh City,


The delirious pastiche of the former presidential palace, completed in 1966, calls to mind the lair of a Bond villain crossed with Austin Powers’s pad. Yes, this is where the National North Vietnamese Army crashed its tanks through the fence in April 1975 and effectively ended the war. But these days the palace is even more notorious for its camp aesthetic. Aside from some requisite busts of Ho Chi Minh, the interiors have been left as they were on that fateful day in April, perhaps to embarrass the former regime for having such comically bad taste. It’s all here: the lime-green drapes, the horseshoe-shape sofa and wet bar, the groovy gaming room with the leather-trimmed blackjack table, the sawn-off and hollowed-out elephant’s feet (genuine) that seem to have been used as ashtrays. It’s well worth a walk by and peek inside.