Restaurants in Delhi

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Shawarma lovers, rejoice. At some point, between working restaurants in Saudi Arabia and India, the owner of this little joint realized that the... Read More

This is a lesser-known gem that exists in The Oberoi Hotel, in Gurgaon. With its focus on coastal cuisine and plenty of modern menu interpretations to... Read More

Arguably the most romantic spot in South Delhi's uber-cool Hauz Khas Village, Amour has a lovely terrace with potted palms and great views of the... Read More

Who knew that a humble canteen at a state house would become the gastronomical superstar of Delhi city? You’ll most likely end up sharing a table with... Read More

If you’re hip, young, and happening (or want to be for a day), this Buddha-Bar modeled joint is where you should head at cocktail hour. Despite the huge... Read More

Even though chaat is now widely available, you can only get the true New Delhi experience by eating it on a busy street, blocking out the sound and fury... Read More

Though it's hard not to snicker at a name like Big Wong, stifle your laughter long enough to try the dim sum at this exceptional eatery, which puts most... Read More

Okay, this place is far from authentic when it comes to Italian cuisine, but sometimes you just want some Western-style comfort food—pizzas, burgers,... Read More

Of all the dhabas in this city serving chhole bhature—a chickpea curry served with fried bread—this one seems to have the most people coming back for... Read More

Yes, it’s touristy—Bill Clinton ate here, for crying out loud—but even local foodies agree this boisterous hotel restaurant serves Delhi’s finest, most... Read More

The rann (leg of lamb) here is cooked with tender loving care, only to be matched by their superior Kali Dal. Many years ago, when I was leaving Delhi... Read More

Located in the National Crafts Museum, this café is the perfect setting for some thinking or talking over a cup of coffee. The artisanal blends come... Read More

This is probably where most of us city-dwellers first heard the word “cappucino.” Supporting the notion that a good book is ideally accompanied by a... Read More

If dosas were given a day to speak, I’m quite sure they’d agree that Carnatic Café truly represents. It’s got a compact menu, but everything on it is... Read More

Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places. Or are there? It isn’t just because I associate the name of the city with romance that... Read More

Even though Barsoom and Rumbar are the new Hauz Khas Village favorites, there’s one reason you should still visit Chamanlal & Sons. Legend has it... Read More

My Cheri (One) Amour is a pretty little restaurant that I adore. It manages to give you space while somehow keeping things cozy. To get you in an even... Read More

For a fancier cup, head to this elegant Parisian-style café that nevertheless keeps things proudly local. The coffee served here is made from Blue Tokai... Read More

This beloved Old Delhi restaurant's decor alone is reason enough to eat here—the walls are bedecked with memorabilia and old photos, and there's a huge... Read More

Here is a vivid example of popular demand. Delhiites who travelled around the world have loved uber-luxurious, bottle-service-style Club Pangaea and its... Read More

Entirely worth the 30- to 40-minute drive down from Connaught Place and central Delhi, this hotel restaurant has improbably become a haunt of in-the... Read More

If you’re a fan of Southern-style comfort but don’t feel up to the usual clatter and clang that South Indian restaurants bring, Dakshin is here to show... Read More

In the same location since the 1960s, this café serves a classic specialty that’s also stayed unchanged. Cold coffee is perhaps a uniquely Indian thing;... Read More

One of a number of Delhi restaurants run by celebrity chef and Italian cookery expert Ritu Dalmia, this sleek South Delhi restaurant features a seasonal... Read More

If you know whisky from whiskey, this is the bar for you. Done up in the style of a Scotland cottage, it’s warm and cozy on the inside—just like how you... Read More

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