Darjeeling + Eastern India

Restaurants in Darjeeling + Eastern India

Restaurants in Darjeeling are sort of like the town itself: a little bit Indian, a little bit British, with lots of backpackers thrown in. You'll find curries and restaurants specializing in northern Indian cuisine, pubs selling bangers-and-mash, and plenty of banana pancakes and sandwiches (ideal for a day of hiking in the hills around the town). Darjeeling restaurants include some colonial holdovers like the tin-roofed Glenary's, with a bakery serving pastries and pies—ideal for the traveler who, at least for one afternoon, wants a break from dosas and Indian sweets. Upstairs there is a full restaurant serving everything from pizzas to Chinese stir-fries. The Park is on many lists of the best restaurants in Darjeeling. The menu is mostly northern Indian, with delicious garlic naan and curries, but there are also some Thai dishes (the Thai street noodles are a favorite of many regulars). The Park is very popular and they squeeze more customers into their space than is perhaps ideally comfortable.

Tuck into a plate of yellow lentils and the river fish called begti at this landmark restaurant in the southern part of town.

The second choice, after Kewpie’s, for Bengali food.