Tips and Articles for Mykonos, Santorini + the Aegean Cyclades Islands


One of the world’s top river cruise lines is ready to make bigger waves: Emerald Waterways is building a luxurious new ocean-going ship, the Emerald... Read More

While your local beach may be just a bike ride, train ride, or car ride away, the idea of the sitting upon the Caribbean’s warm white-sand shores... Read More

Getting a job that lets you travel sounds like a dream, but you can actually do it thanks to a travel company in Greece.According to Metro, the ... Read More

One morning at the end of last summer, I found myself, very briefly, to be the sole custodian of the world’s most beautiful view. I was on the Greek... Read More

For most people, hearing mention of the Greek islands typically conjures up images of hot spots like Mykonos and Santorini, with... Read More

As always, with Saturday barbecues, backyard parties, and beach weekends, summer is moving along quickly. The good news for travel fans is that... Read More

For a brief moment, I forgot where I was.Suddenly stirred awake by a balmy breeze, I slowly became aware of my surroundings: The warm sand below my... Read More

Wellness travel has reached a fever pitch, with new detox resorts and fitness-focused getaways launching what feels like every day. Even run-of-the-mill... Read More

European culture, history, and food only get better when paired with the relaxation quotient of an island. The spectacular coastlines of the best... Read More

In the Instagram age, a hotel or destination needs striking good looks to make it to the top of our readers’ must-visit lists. That explains why resorts... Read More

Europe’s top resort hotels are synonymous with old-world grandeur, exacting service, and over-the-top amenities. And while these attributes may conjure... Read More

One of the greatest rewards of traveling — discovering the new — is reflected in T+L readers’ picks for the world’s best islands. Not only do several... Read More

After drinking on velvet furniture in dark lounges all winter, we’re ready for spritzy cocktails in sunny bars with the best views of skylines and... Read More

When you think about the most beautiful places on earth, images of pristine white sand beaches on remote tropical islands often come to mind. And while... Read More

Whitewashed villages. Dramatic cliffs. Crystal-clear waters. Greece’s landscapes are picture-perfect as they come, hence its reputation as one of the... Read More

The people of Santorini, Greece, want visitors to come and have a great time. But, they are nicely asking we all stop doing one thing: Riding Santorini... Read More

As my husband, Emilio, and I lay on the deck of our Airbnb, I realized I’d run out of time to shower before the symphony. Eyeing the ladder that... Read More

There’s going to be a new name in vacation luxury, and it’s Lindsay Lohan.Yes, you read that correctly.Lohan is forging ahead into a new chapter in her... Read More

On a recent trip to Santorini I was sipping a glass of rosé at Katikies, a swanky boutique hotel, when I glanced down and noticed that my sandal had... Read More

When you think of a fantasy photo shoot backdrop, you can’t do better than Santorini.Alexandra Maye, a newly licensed nurse, staged a photoshoot on the... Read More

There’s isn’t enough time in a life to see all the thousands of gorgeous islands across Europe. But those looking for the best of the best should head... Read More

The airport on the Greek island of Mykonos closed Monday for runway repairs that will take two weeks. While that poses an immediate inconvenience to... Read More

Having a pool in your hotel room always make for a memorable stay, but one hotel in Greece has taken their private plunge pools to the next level... Read More

The Greek island of Mykonos has drawn celebrities from all over the world since Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Grace Kelly visited in... Read More

Those looking to soak in the sun on the Greek island of Mykonos can now do so in Europe’s biggest beachfront pool.The sprawling 22,600-square-foot... Read More

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