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By A. S. Byatt
I am not good at holidays. I don't like doing nothing, and I don't like looking at things just because they are there to be looked at. On the other hand, I am addicted to sunlight. When Philip and Belinda Haas (who made the film of my book Angels ...
By Scott Spencer
I’ve ended up at Los Arcos, a friendly, casual café on the zocalo, Cuernavaca’s main plaza. It is the end of another pristine afternoon; a few stars have appeared, the beginning of another soft, balmy night. The zocalo here is a mix of old trees, ...

Hotels in Cuernavaca

A 1529 conquistador's mansion turned ultra-luxe hotel.

Recommended by Zachary Rabinor, one of T+L's 2010 A-List travel agents.

Restaurants in Cuernavaca

This restaurant on the main square has a tasty lunch and dinner menu, and it’s open until midnight.

Things to do in Cuernavaca

New students are admitted every Monday. Classes run for 50 minutes, with 10-minute breaks in between. In the virtually unvarying Cuernavacan sunlight, breaks are spent either around the school’s small swimming pool or at the little outdoor cafeteria.