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The sugarcane-carpeted valleys of Cuba have, for centuries, produced some of the world’s best—and most coveted—rum.  With no shortage of the... Read More

Just 45 minutes out of Miami, about the time it takes to fly from New York to D.C., I am on a chartered jet circling over an island, a nation, and an... Read More

Traveling to Cuba is about to get even easier. On the tail end of CubaKat and United Americas Shipping Services’ announcement that they will pursue... Read More

Earlier this year, the American and Cuban governments sought to reestablish diplomatic ties, opening the floodgates for travel teases like nonstop... Read More

During the heyday of Havana in the 1940s and ’50s, ferries were an extremely popular way to get from the United States to Cuba and back again. And now... Read More

Travel to Cuba is taking another leap forward, care of airfare booking engine, which is the first site to allow American travelers to book... Read More

The approach to Trinidad, midway down Cuba's southern coast, is flanked by the foothills of the Escambray mountain range and a glittering Caribbean sea.... Read More

Peer-to-peer rental behemoth Airbnb has announced that Cuban properties are now available to book on its website. The more than 1,000... Read More

For last night's much-ballyhooed special edition of Conan, funnyman Conan O'Brien traveled to Havana, Cuba, where he, clad in a cream-colored suit,... Read More

It’s happening, people. Travel to Cuba just got as little easier, thanks to a new set of regulations that take effect today and expand on President... Read More

President Obama announced today sweeping changes to our policy with Cuba that will loosen travel and trade restrictions there. In ending our... Read More

The 1970’sThe traveler’s map sure looked different in T+L’s first decade. Future hot spots like Shanghai, Prague, Moscow, and Saigon were still well... Read More

HAVANA NONSTOP This summer, Virgin Atlantic became the first and only British airline to offer nonstop flights from London to Havana. Over the past... Read More

"I call it being 'in the zone,' " explained Dan Hodgins, a 34-year-old instructor at Divetech's free-diving certification course on Grand Cayman. "You... Read More

The irony was as deep as the Straits of Florida. On the same day that Juan Miguel González arrived in the United States to pick up his son Elian, my... Read More

Everyone knows it's illegal for Americans to go to Cuba. So why does Barnes & Noble stock four different guidebooks?The answer is simple—everyone is... Read More

OCCUPATION New York-based director of film (Frida, Titus) and theater (The Lion King)ON THE ROAD Taymor and composer Elliot Goldenthal ("my happily... Read More

Americans who want to see Cuba will have one less option at the end of this year, when the last of the educational (or "people-to-people") licenses that... Read More

It's the kind of scene that's usually reserved for dreams: You're up to your chest in clear, azure water. On the right, a Mayan ruin towers above the... Read More

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