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This story originally appeared on Fortune.comThe U.S. and Cuba have had a strained relationship since severing relations in 1961, but things are slowly... Read More

If you’re eager to travel to Cuba—especially now that U.S. airlines are preparing to reestablish regular routes and travelers can take a solo trip to... Read More

This article originally appeared on since the U.S. government loosened travel restrictions in January 2015, people who qualified as... Read More

Over the weekend, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide arrived in Cuba, alongside President Obama.  Starwood became the first U.S.-based hotel... Read More

This story originally appeared on Obama’s historic trip to Cuba comes with all the trappings of an official visit. There’s the... Read More

This story originally appeared on 21-year-old Havana woman has been diagnosed with Cuba’s first case of locally transmitted ... Read More

This story originally appeared on an overall thaw in relations between Washington and Havana, the Obama administration Tuesday announced... Read More

It’s not too early to think about using your frequent flyer miles to get to Cuba.In the last 14 months, President Obama has relaxed restrictions on U.S.... Read More

Less than a week before President Obama and the First Lady make their historic trip to Cuba, the White House announced yet another major change to... Read More

Want to see The Rolling Stones play for free? That may be the stuff of daydreams: unless you happen to be traveling to Cuba this weekend.Today—Friday,... Read More

The deadline closed today for U.S. airlines to bid on routes to Havana. American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United, and Southwest all submitted requests,... Read More

There's a good chance Cuba is somewhere on your bucket list—it was, after all, our Destination of the Year in 2015. With so many ways to get there and... Read More

It’s been like this for the past 56 years, you think the first time you see Havana’s Linea Street: a wide thoroughfare lined with crowded buses,... Read More

President Obama took to Twitter this morning to announce his upcoming trip to Cuba—making him the first sitting U.S. president to visit the island... Read More

It’s no secret that Americans are eager to travel to Cuba.  Last year, the country saw its relationship with the United States restored, and with... Read More

This morning, the United States and Cuba signed a historic agreement that will allow the resumption of commercial flights from the U.S. to the island... Read More

This story originally appeared on officials signed an aviation pact in Cuba on Tuesday, restoring scheduled airline flights between the... Read More

Cuba’s capital city is booming, thanks to loosened travel restrictions between the island nation and its northern neighbor, the United States.If you’re... Read More

It was Christmas morning and I was stranded on the side of a windswept road in the thick Cuban heat about four kilometers from anything. To the west was... Read More

Ready to finally take that dream Cuba trip? Yesterday, a handful of new amendments went into effect, further relaxing travel and economic regulations... Read More

Now that handcrafted cocktails and smartly dressed mixologists are de rigueur in clubs and lounges around the world, a number of cities are advancing... Read More

Whether it’s the allure of sampling one of Cuba’s fabled freshly rolled cigars or sipping minty mojitos in one of Old Havana’s speakeasy-style bars,... Read More

This story originally appeared on, the same Cuba that once imprisoned the gay poet Reinaldo Arenas and others just like him is reportedly... Read More

Wednesday evening, the U.S. and Cuba agreed to resume commercial air travel. For the first time in more than a 50 years, both Cuban and American... Read More

International ExpeditionsOn nine-night itineraries aboard IE’s 46- and 48-passenger motor-powered sailing yachts, guests fly from Miami to Cuba’s... Read More

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