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While airlines and cruises are making it easier for Americans to get to Cuba, travelers still face limitations once there, especially when it comes to... Read More

If you've been itching to get to Cuba (and we know you have) now's the perfect opportunity to take that wild road trip on the Southern Coast or epic... Read More

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Chanel has long been one of the hottest names in fashion, so it was only fitting they’d host their latest catwalk in the hot spot of Cuba. The fashion... Read More

Cuban-Americans may now join the flood of travelers heading to the island nation by air and by sea, thanks to a reversal in an odd Cuban law that... Read More

As the barrier to entry to Cuba starts to dissipate, more and more American travelers are interested in checking out the once-prohibited country. With... Read More

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Following in the footsteps of a sitting president—to state dinners, private meetings, secured locations—isn’t something the average American can do.... Read More

PONANT, the world’s only French-flagged line, is the second cruise company—and the first luxury line—to offer trips to Cuba for Americans.... Read More

One year ago, Airbnb launched in Cuba, allowing travelers from around the world to easily book homestays on the Caribbean island. To celebrate this... Read More

I started planning a return trip to Cuba even before my first one ended. It wasn’t the jazz clubs, the chaotic energy, or the ’57 Chevys that gripped me... Read More

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If you’re eager to travel to Cuba—especially now that U.S. airlines are preparing to reestablish regular routes and travelers can take a solo trip to... Read More

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Over the weekend, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide arrived in Cuba, alongside President Obama.  Starwood became the first U.S.-based hotel... Read More

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It’s not too early to think about using your frequent flyer miles to get to Cuba. ... Read More

Less than a week before President Obama and the First Lady make their historic trip to Cuba, the White House announced yet another major change to... Read More

Want to see The Rolling Stones play for free? That may be the stuff of daydreams: unless you happen to be traveling to Cuba this weekend. ... Read More

The deadline closed today for U.S. airlines to bid on routes to Havana. American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United, and Southwest all submitted requests,... Read More

There's a good chance Cuba is somewhere on your bucket list—it was, after all, our Destination of the Year in 2015. With so many ways to get there and... Read More

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