Restaurants in Crete

Many of the dishes you'll find in Crete are typical of Greek cuisine generally—stuffed grape leaves, moussaka, spanakopita—but Crete restaurants also serve some dishes that originated on the island. Dakos is a bread salad with tomatoes, feta, olives and dried herbs. For dessert, bugatsa is a pastry filled with cream or cheese and topped with powdered sugar and cinnamon. Avli, in Rehmyon, is one of the most acclaimed and best restaurants in Crete. The menu takes classic dishes and gives them a modern twist like pork tenderloin in a white grape sauce and a sole filet in an almond sauce with carmelized fennel. The setting is dramatic, in a Venetian mansion from around 1600 with a courtyard lush with potted plants and trailing bougainvillea. Avli also offers cooking classes—check the website for a schedule and details. Odus Egeou is a more straight-forward taverna overlooking the harbor of Iraklion serving typical Cretan dishes like dakos.

Cretan seafood, plucked straight from the water and served in a lush outdoor park.