Restaurants in Cozumel

Cozumel restaurants are noted for their Yucatan specialties. The cuisine offers something different from the food about which Americans typically associate with Mexico. Yucatan culinary creations developed from Mayan traditions and the multitude of European flavors that came into its ports. One of the key dishes in this cuisine is cochinita pibil, piglet that is marinated in sour orange juices — a major ingredient in Yucatan cooking — and anchiote spices, then wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked overnight. Restaurants in Cozumel will serve the tender, delicious dish with sautéed onions and warm corn tortillas.

San Miguel’s La Cocay is one of the best restaurants in Cozumel for enjoying the island’s wonderful climate, as well as its cuisine. The spot has an open-air dining room and its name, the Mayan word for ‘fireflies,’ is exactly what you’ll be entranced by while sampling the Caribbean and Mexican fusion dishes in which this Cozumel restaurant specializes.

To find this restaurant, walk through the Cinco Soles shops to the colonial building's interior courtyard. Once you're in, relax with lightly battered mahimahi tacos and a cold Mexican beer or a tequila—there are more than 200 varieties.

Chef Sergio Leoni serves Italian classics—seafood risotto, grilled sea bass and fennel—in a stylish setting, with formal service (an especially solicitous waitstaff, a surfeit of white linen).

The restaurant's open-air dining room is enhanced by the glimmer of fireflies (cocay in Mayan). The menu blends Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Mexican flavors to create dishes like pork loin with apple brandy sauce and chile poblano.

The bar and restaurant on the ninth floor of the new Hotel Wynston has panoramic views of the harbor, the town center, and the sea. In addition to the usual spirits, the bar stocks an extensive wine list to complement the restaurant's Mediterranean-Asian–fusion menu.

Close to San Miguel's central square, the palapa restaurant is justly renowned for traditional Mayan food with complex, rich sauces. Standouts: shrimp chiles rellenos, chicken in red mole sauce, and grilled barracuda.

This nautically themed seafood spot is just a few blocks from San Miguel's oceanfront. Capi specializes in tangy but smooth ceviche, and a spicy huachinango (red snapper) in an adobo of achiote sauce.