Hotels in Cozumel

Hotels in Cozumel run the gamut from full-service, all-inclusive resorts to inexpensive hostels. The latter is ideal for students and young adults traveling on a budget. However, families looking for activities to keep everyone occupied will find the high-end hotels in Cozumel well-worth their prices. Many of these offer amenities like golf, parasailing and snorkeling for adults, while there are fun daily activities to keep the kids entertained. Beachfront resorts have the bonus of an easy-to-reach waterfront with no need to gather the whole crew into a car or ready everyone to walk to the ocean.

The Presidente Inter-Continental Cozumel Resort and Spa is one of the best hotels in Cozumel. The luxury resort is located on its own, private half-mile of beach for easy swimming and snorkeling — and, like some other beachfront Cozumel hotels, the spot offers a dive center for burgeoning SCUBA divers. There are also two gorgeous swimming pools, a full-service spa, an excellent restaurant, and iguanas roaming free so you can get extra close to the local fauna.