Things to Do in Costa Rica

Amanda Pratt

Some of the best nights I’ve had in Costa Rica didn’t involve going out to a bar. They were spent in hammocks tied to trees in the remote jungles of the... Read More

The Caribbean coast doesn’t have any mega-resorts or hotel chains. What it does have, however, is tons of character. Boutique hotels and B&Bs dot... Read More

This well-known yoga retreat sits on a hilltop above the freewheeling beach town of Montezuma (known to locals as Montefuma because of all the pot... Read More

It doesn’t get more sumptuous than a soak in the hot springs at Tabacon Thermal Resort and Spa with a mojito in one hand and your partner’s hand in the... Read More

Active travel (cycling; walking; sea kayaking; rock climbing) paired with unexpected cultural experiences (storytelling in Ireland; a game of boules in... Read More

This lengthy stretch of rose-colored sand and rocks used to be a hiding spot for pirates, hence the name. Ensconced in dry forest, the beach still has a... Read More

Every day at sunset in Playa Santa Teresa, you will find dozens of people gathered at Banana Beach. They all bring their dogs to play in the waves, and... Read More

Costa Rica isn’t well known for its caves, but boy does it have some great ones, and they’re all in Barra Honda National Park. Although just one of the... Read More

San José might not look like a cultural center, but it’s actually quite rich with history, art, and culinary tradition. Barrio Bird Walking Tours has a... Read More

Overlooking Playa Guiones from a hilltop just past Playa Garza, this posh yoga retreat space features a wide yoga deck with ocean views, a full-service... Read More

The Tico bullfight is more like a rodeo, in that the bulls aren’t slain and (arguably crazy) men often ride them. Oh, and spectators can also choose to... Read More

The people most familiar with Cabuya are supposedly dead. At the very end of the Nicoya Peninsula, this tiny island that doubles as a cemetery can be... Read More

In Manuel Antonio, this bar and restaurant is widely regarded as the best place to watch the day give way to night.  Atop a flight of stairs in a... Read More

Coffee is king in Costa Rica—and of the nearly 150,000 large and small coffee fincas (plantations) that dot the Costa Rican landscape (most in the... Read More

Casona de Laly is a traditional Costa Rican place with a location in each fancy San José suburb—one in Escazú, one in Santa Ana. The service at these... Read More

Driving down the middle of Costa Rica has its hazards: big trucks, sharp curves, occasional downpours. It also has some of the most scenic and... Read More

A hike up Costa Rica’s tallest mountain takes travelers through myriad ecosystems, often bringing them face to face with monkeys and peccaries. Wild... Read More

Chiliguaro began as a fringe shot order in Playas del Coco on the northwestern coast about two years ago. But the hot sauce, lime juice, guaro and salt... Read More

On the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, cacao plantations used to dominate the landscape. In the 70s, a fungus decimated those crops and made way for... Read More

Unbeatable access to experiences around the globe—learning firsthand about a family-run organic coffee plantation in the Galápagos; dining... Read More

The house, hip-hop, and reggae enthusiasts of the world can do no better in Central American than Club Vertigo. The expansive, exclusive club books some... Read More

Based in Santa Maria de Dota, this cooperative of about 800 farms was the world’s first to go carbon neutral. The farms operate on low energy and water... Read More

Costa Rica’s largest primary forest is here in Corcovado, and it’s only natural that the zip-line tour through it is excellent. This operation offers 11... Read More

Central America’s largest population of scarlet macaws can be found in Corcovado’s 127,000 acres of primary rain forest, among some 400 other bird... Read More

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