Restaurants in Corsica

Corsican cuisine has its roots in the Mediterranean. The island offers a wealth of delicious ingredients such as olive oils, fruits and vegetables, cured meats, and seafood. Many Corsica restaurants utilize these ingredients in their delicious dishes. Due to the island’s close relationship with the sea, expect to see many fish and seafood dishes on menus. Many of the vegetables you’ll find in your entrees are grown locally. The island prides itself in keeping things local whether it be bright red tomatoes, green zucchini or delicious herbs.

Located off of the marina in Bonifacio, Cantina Grill offers a simple relaxed atmosphere with great food. Be sure to grab a streetside table for people watching while you dine on moderately priced dishes like grilled pork sausage.

One of the best restaurants in Corsica, Le Jardin du Magnolia, lies under a 150-year-old tree on the grounds of the ever-charming Hotel Le Magnolia. Order the traditional wild boar with freshly baked bread. You won’t regret it.

Looking for a simple restaurant in Corsica? Le Calenzana is the way to go. The restaurant serves up low-key dishes like its house specialty of lamb. The entrée is entirely cooked in the restaurant’s wood-burning stove.

Freshly baked bread and traditional Corsican wild boar, served under a 150-year-old tree at the charming Hôtel Le Magnolia.

Reserve a streetside table at this small brasserie with well-priced dishes like grilled pork sausages.

Simple Corsican cuisine, including the house specialty, lamb cooked in a wood- burning oven.