Cook Islands

Restaurants in Cook Islands

Cook Islands restaurants are known for excellent seafood and coffee. During your trip to the Cook Islands, you will discover a lot of unique foods and dishes. Restaurants in the Cook Islands also serve some western fare, so if you aren’t an adventurous eater, don’t worry. Whether you’re looking to fill up on fish that was recently caught from the island’s blue waters or sip on fruity rum cocktails blended up with fresh coconut, the Cook Islands are sure to excite the taste buds.

Vaima is a Polynesian bar and restaurant located on the docks. The restaurant is known for its fresh fish dishes, so be sure to order the catch of the day like mahi mahi or fish curry. Looking for a delicious alcoholic drink? Vaima also serves up a variety of tropical cocktails that are sure to put you in the island mood.

Windjammer is one of the best restaurants in the Cook Islands. The menu includes many delicious dishes like lamb rack with potato gratin and vegetables in a red wine sauce, grilled jumbo prawns with balsamic ratatouille, and potato dumplings with eggplant, ricotta cheese and tomato sauce. Save room for dessert! You won’t want to miss the pannacotta limoncello with pistachios and chocolate mint sauce or the affogato, espresso coffee served over vanilla ice cream.

 A fish spot with tables set on a dock.

The menu features innovative dishes such as slow-cooked local octopus in a curry sauce.