Circular Quay



Overseas Passenger Terminal, West Circular Quay,
New South Wales,

Perched high above Circular Quay, this elegant fine-dining restaurant has some of the best mealtime views in the city: to one side is the Opera House; to the other, the Harbour Bridge; and in between are dozens of bright bobbing boats and puttering ferries. Chef Peter Gilmore’s sophisticated global cuisine more than matches the thrilling vistas; try one of his prix fixe lunch menus (either two or three courses) and you’ll experience one of the best high-end midday meals in the city. Gilmore cherry-picks his flavors and techniques from around the world: while his signature “sea pearls” dish of tuna sashimi, smoked eel, octopus, and egg-white “pearls” borrows from Japan, his roasted lamb loin with roasted root vegetables and his slow-braised rabbit with morels and carrot cream are straight from the Continent.