Cinque Terre

Hotels in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre hotels accommodations are few and simple. A stay at any of them is memorable because of the warm hospitality that is afforded to those who travel to Cinque Terre. Choose from locally owned inns, seaside cottages, and cozy B&Bs. Whatever accommodations suit you, you can find something unique and authentic with hotels in Cinque Terre. Choose one of the five villages to stay in for one or a few nights, or make a day trip from other spots in Italy.

La Scogliera in Riomaggiore offers clean, comfortable apartments and warm hospitality. In Monterosso al Mare, Hotel Villa Stena, Hotel Pasquale and Albergo Marina offer great attention to detail and a friendly, family atmosphere. La Colonnina Hotel is one of the most stunning hotels in Cinque Terre due to its excellent views. NiRia in Riomaggiore offers quiet serenity and a million-dollar view. For thrifty or backpacking travelers, Ostello 5 Terre is a well-recommended hostel in Manarola.

In the Cinque Terre National Park, the nine-room inn combines antique furnishings with kitschy details: light fittings crafted from antlers; bathrooms with starlit ceilings. The best part? Panoramic views of the turquoise Mediterranean from your bedroom window.