Kennedy Space Center
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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center, SR 405, Orlando, Florida 32899 | (321) 452-2121
Kennedy Space Center in Orlando
Courtesy of Kennedy Space Center
Quirky/offbeat, Popular with locals, Family-friendly

The sense of majesty and all-round general achievement is palpable here as soon as you walk through the gates. Kennedy's famous space exploration speech is played over loud speakers as you glance at the Rocket Garden, an outdoor display of the historic rockets that put people and satellites into space. It's an almost-overwhelmingly exhaustive look at space travel, from the beginnings of the U.S. space program through to the shuttle launches (one of the best exhibits is a shuttle launch simulator) and what the future holds. IMAX theater movies, real life NASA equipment, interactive computer simulations, and the actual Atlantis Space Shuttle are just a few of the parts of this excellent and educational facility.

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