Restaurants in China

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The Mosto Group's latest venture is all about simple, healthy dishes for those on-the-go. Lunch on one of the nutrient-packed power bowls of whole... Read More

A modern French eatery run by innovative chef Paul Pairet, this venue reached number 21 in 2015's Asia's 50 Best Restaurants. Although a fine dining... Read More

Try Cantonese classics such as tea-smoked chicken and barbecued pork belly in the sleek, harbor-facing dining room. Read More

Xiao long bao (Shanghainese soup dumplings) are the speciality. ($1) Read More

This Julu Road eatery is a favorite with expats and locals looking for a unique dining option. Nepali Kitchen serves food of the Himalayas inside its... Read More

This venue is closed. Read More

Located on the second floor of the Intercontinental Hotel, this Japanese restaurant takes its namesake from chef Nobu Matsuhisa. ... Read More

This venue is closed. Read More

With its burnished red tables, hanging lanterns, converted-cyclo chairs, and silk-clad waitresses, Nuage is a little slice of old Saigon in downtown... Read More

Fans of Japanese cuisine are in good hands at Okra, the restaurant led by Max Levy, formerly the only non-Japanese sushi chef at New York's award... Read More

For a brief pit stop try Olala Charcuterie, where you can score a refreshing salad with extra-lean Serrano ham and an undercurrent of beets. Sturdier... Read More

Widely popular with locals, this venue was the original restaurant that propelled the Jesse brand into the successful chain it is today. Arguably the... Read More

China is a popular place for tea so it’s no surprise that teahouses abound across the country. After a flight of stairs to the second floor, this... Read More

This airy, hushed dining room, with its plush chairs and small pond fed by a tinkling waterfall, is the place to linger over lunch in Wan Chai. Accessed... Read More

The menu features Yellow River bamboo with ham; translucent gooey balls of summer yam with pork and scallions; and lu yu, a river fish with a sour,... Read More

The Hong Kong location of this northern-Italian restaurant is one of only five restaurants in the city boasting three Michelin stars. Intimate and... Read More

Atop the gaudy Sheraton hotel in Kowloon, the Oyster & Wine Bar sells 800 oysters a day, and imports them from all over the planet. On any given... Read More

Starbucks’s local competitor—founded by a Seattle expat—can also serve a great cup o’ joe a hundred different ways. For the... Read More

This leisurely coffee shop is Asia’s answer to Starbucks; sip tea, sit under slow-moving wooden fans and imagine the Repulse Bay beach scene 80... Read More

Korean and Mexican fusion may be all the rage in the U.S., but the concept only arrived in Beijing when Palms LA Kitchen arrived. Now with a second... Read More

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