Restaurants in China

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This high-design hot spot in a converted siheyuan (courtyard home) is the latest offering from chef Jereme Leung—already well known in Shanghai... Read More

The historic Union Building became “Three on the Bund” in 2004, and the fifth floor houses the 120-seat Whampoa Club. Located inside one of... Read More

There’s no need to settle for just one restaurant at this Kowloon food mall, part of the Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa. Across from the cruise ship... Read More

With its huge private terrace and its out-of-the-way location (it’s set down a quiet driveway of low-rise creative office buildings), Must is a favorite... Read More

Sichuan fare is known to start a party (or a fire, with the proper seasoning) in your mouth, so have a glass of water at the ready before digging in at... Read More

A fantastic, Bund-side, vegetarian restaurant, the venue aims to create food and services that are healthy and don't tax the environment. Loved for... Read More

This ground-floor restaurant in the Star Street district showcases owner Jacky Yu’s love for food and arts, not just with desserts like the... Read More

With a name that translates roughly to "the fillings are huge," look no further than Xian Lao Man for authentic northern-style dumplings. The menu has... Read More

In 1918, Wing On was one of four Nanjing Road department stores that helped define Shanghai as the Paris of the Far East. Now it houses Xian Qiang Fang,... Read More

While in the big city, some feed the ducks, while others like to feed on the ducks. Those in the latter persuasion need look no further than this... Read More

Xiao Nan Guo is a reliable local chain, with 15 (and counting) branches scattered around the city. The restaurants are a favorite go-to for locals... Read More

Sometimes the best way to find a restaurant is look for the longest lines, and that’s the case for this street-side restaurant that specializes in... Read More

The park setting of Xin Dau Ji is enough reason to go alone. Set in a corner of French Concession’s lovely Xiangyang Park, the terrace is set next to a... Read More

The Uighur people bring their northwest Chinese flavors to this glass-fronted restaurant. Chinese Western Muslim music sets the rowdy atmosphere inside;... Read More

This venue is closed. Read More

This new venue sits nestled in the tree-lined streets of up-and-coming Wuyuan Road, in the heart of the Former French Concession. The story goes that... Read More

The restaurant, overlooking the harbor, serves delightful sweet barbecued pork buns, steamed rice-flour cannelloni with diced scallop and crabmeat, and... Read More

You can’t get more authentic than the most beloved street food in the Pearl of the Orient, sheng jian bao. A bit plumper than golf balls, these pan... Read More

Part of the Elite Concepts group, this restaurant has sister locations in Hong Kong and Kowloon. Housed in a brick mansion in the Xintiandi district,... Read More

Ye Shanghai is a popular lunch spot for travelers who are sightseeing in the upscale shopping neighborhood of Xintiandi. Their weekend dim sum ($16... Read More

This Sichuan restaurant is well hidden on the sixth floor of a central district business building. It’s no secret though, since it received a... Read More

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